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Documents & Forms

The following documents and forms are provided here to assist our clients for gathering the tax information when it comes to filing.  This will help ensure that pertinent information is not overlooked and using these tax organizers to provide information to us will save tremendous time for processing. Please download the  documents and forms that apply to you. 

All documents and forms can be securely submitted to us via SecureFilePro™

SecureFilePro™ is a secure file exchange web portal, letting us exchange confidential documents securely and conveniently. Spend less time printing, faxing, emailing or mailing returns and other documents. Just upload and download PDFs, and you access anytime at your convenience.

ALL individual clients will need to complete the following:


For those who wants a comprehensive and fillable Individual Client Organizer, you can download from your SecureFilePro™ account.  Especially those who has quite a few rental properties or foreign bank accounts, and the non-resident foreigners might need to fill out this comprehensive Organizer. 

SOME individual clients may need to complete the following:

Business Clients may need:


For those businesses that had foreign bank accounts & Financial Assets, or had foreign income & paid foreign income tax, you need to download the comprehensive Organizer from your SecureFilePro™ account.

OTHER Forms Clients frequently request:

  • W-9 (For Independent Contractors to Complete)

  • W-4 (For New Employees or Employees who want to change withholding to Complete)

BUSINESS Industry specific information:

Informative Fliers - Personal


Informative Fliers - Business

Informative Fliers - Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 

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